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Music Genre’s For Today

Music plays a major part in our lives. When you hear a song you can instantly want to sing along and dance to the beat but is today’s music still the same as before? Well, in a sense, music has changed and while you might not think it’s changed an awful lot, think again. Music isn’t what it used to be and the magic of the 80’s faded away and was replaced by a generation of music that was very much unheard of. Today, music genres are fantastic despite what you might think and you should give them a chance because you will surely find something you enjoy.

Rock and Heavy Metal

Who doesn’t like a bit of heavy metal or rock? There are some groups that really take a song and turn it into something so special and adored! You wouldn’t think heavy metal or rock groups would still have a say in today’s music scene but it very much does. The influences from rock and heavy metal is still there to be seen and it really is such a wonderful and inspirational genre. Most people wouldn’t say heavy metal is the genre for them and yet it’s vastly popular in today’s music scene!

Pop and Classical

Classical music has remains a popular genre even for today’s continually tough market. You wouldn’t think classic music would be as popular as say pop but it is. Pop too has its own followers and these two really are becoming bigger and bigger. You wouldn’t think after the boom of the 90’s pop scene it would still be as big as it once was but its far bigger! It’s surprising to say the least and you are sometimes seeing the collaboration of pop and classical music which is unique. It’s great to see the ever changing genres.

Musicals Are More Popular Than Ever

It’s hard to know how to put musicals and songs from musicals into a specific genre because they’re unique in their own way. However, musicals are technically within their own genre and it can be very much popular. Theater shows are becoming vastly popular with big shows such as Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, We Will Rock You, The Lion King, Wicked and many more hitting the bit screens. Everyone loves them and their songs are so unique and that is why musicals are a totally different genre than many others. However you do find some catchy tunes that stick with you!

Why Today’s Music Is Different from The 60’s

music guitarIt doesn’t matter if you were around for the 1960’s or otherwise, everyone knows about the swinging 60’s and the endless bands and artists that defined a generation. You had the Beatles, Diana Ross and the Supreme, to name a few and they really sparked the love of music. At the time, those groups were unheard of but brought about a new passion for music that wasn’t seen before. Since then, music has only ever gotten better and better and while the 60’s was a major talking point, today’s music is so different. You no longer see bands such as the Beatles or Diana Ross because they were very unique and today’s groups and singers are great but in their own rights. The music genres of today are so different than the 40’s, 50’s 60’ and even the 70’s but it’s not always a bad thing. read the news from

Music for Everyone

Music has changed within the last few years and it will continue again within the next few years. There are some who never thought they’d love rock music but have fallen in love with modern rock; and with new collaborations and styles being introduced, music has never been more popular. However, music does have its good points and for many it can be an inspirational point for their work. Music genres for today are unique in every sense and so exciting!

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