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Heavy Metal Musicians

Heavy metal is a great adored and loved genre of today. Who doesn’t like a bit of heavy metal? This style of music is unique in a host of ways and even though it has been around since the 70’s or 80’s it’s still very much loved in this modern world. You cannot blame listeners for loving this style as it offers crisps sounds without making too much of a fuss! People have constantly been inspired by the heavy metal musicians and they really have been pioneers of their times. Why not read on to find just a few of the top class names of heavy metal.

Ozzy Osborne

Heavy metal lovers will know the name Ozzy Osborne. This is one of the greats within the heavy metal genre and this musician truly stood out from the crowd. Osborne’s group, Black Sabbath played many amazing concerns and really left their stamp on the music world. Famed for the biting the head off a bat moment, Ozzy Osborne has really taken the music world by storm. His music and his group’s music have really showcased the best of talent and has created a vast array of followers also.

Guns ‘N’ Roses

Everyone surely knows ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ and this was one of the famed Guns ‘N’ Roses hits. Guns ‘N’ Roses was truly one of the biggest heavy metals bands of all time and these musicians truly broke the limits when it came to performing. For many years, Guns ‘N’ Roses created hit after hit and this heavy metal group really showcased what heavy metal was all about. You got a sense this was the new-age of music and while they are one of the first heavy metal groups, modern groups have been inspired by their songs. It’s not easy to leave your mark on the world but this group has done just that and that’s why they are so greatly loved and appreciated also. read more from


singerFamed for their trademark style and makeup Kiss is one of the biggest heavy metal musicians of all times. Even today, Kiss are still very much copied in terms of their style on stage. You don’t often see a heavy metal band that left their mark on the world but Kiss did. People take inspiration from their style as well as their songs and they’re so fantastic. Music fans who weren’t necessarily around when Kiss first appeared have found this group to be very unique in every sense of the word. That isn’t such a bad thing though and it’s got people thinking about how they can take their music to the next level and become an off-of-a-kind band. Learn more here!

A Generation like No Other

Most people honestly don’t think heavy metal is for them but once they’ve tried it, they love it. The truth is that not all heavy metal music is about shouting and screaming the lyrics so much so you can’t understand a word of what’s being sung! Heavy metal is a great genre and one that’s still very much appreciated in many circles. The above artists are just a few of the biggest names in the industry and who have inspired generations also.

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