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Tips for Starting Your Own Podcast

In the past, starting your own radio show took a lot of work and a lot of connections. Without both, your chances of making it in the industry was slim to none. But in today’s technologically-savvy world, anything is possible.

Rather than starting shows on the radio, we’re doing it on podcasts. Podcasting is a very popular form of hosting shows. If you’re good with marketing, you could become the next podcast star.

But before you can make it there, you have to plan out your podcast. Here’s a quick overview of what you need to get started with your own podcast show.

Decide What You Want to Talk About

What type of show do you want to host and how often do you want to host it? If you’re trying to do something daily or weekly, then you’re going to need a lot of content to go over. So it would be wise to go for topics you’re very familiar with or that has a lot of buzz.

Make sure you choose a topic that will remain relevant for a long time. This way, your podcast doesn’t become a bore. Pay attention to your target listener – what do they want to hear? As long as you can produce content your listeners want to hear, then you’ll continue to be in business.

Get the Much-Needed Equipment

No one wants to listen to a podcast that’s being broadcast using mediocre equipment. Your voice may sound muffled or far away, which would be rather annoying. You can overcome these problems by going with quality equipment from the jump.

For instance, you’ll need a quality microphone, preferably a dynamic mic. Some of the other options include a USB or analog microphone. The great thing about dynamic mics is that it doesn’t pick up on faraway noises.

This means less editing for you to do after each podcast. You can also purchase an audio interface, which is optional. This can be used to allow your analog mics to connect to your computer.

A quality computer is definitely a must. You don’t want to risk shutting down in the middle of a podcast because it couldn’t handle it. You can use either a Windows or Mac computer.

Then finally, you’re going to need an audio editing software, such as a DAW (digital audio workstation). Some of the options out there include Reason, Pro Tools and Ableton.

Plan Out Your Content

It’s a good idea to have a content calendar with pre-planned topics to discuss. Now, you want to ensure you’re also adding in trending topics, so that your channel is up-to-date and fresh. So make sure to allow time to discuss topics that pop up in the news or social media.

Name Your Podcast

The name you select for your podcast should be easy to remember and catchy. You want it to appeal to those who’ve never listened to your show before, so avoid using your own name alone. Be descriptive in the title regarding the topic or niche of the podcast (music, mountain climbing, movies, etc).

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