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Tips for Starting Your Own Podcast

In the past, starting your own radio show took a lot of work and a lot of connections. Without both, your chances of making it in the industry was slim to none. But in today’s technologically-savvy world, anything is possible.

Rather than starting shows on the radio, we’re doing it on podcasts. Podcasting is a very popular form of hosting shows. If you’re good with marketing, you could become the next podcast star.

But before you can make it there, you have to plan out your podcast. Here’s a quick overview of what you need to get started with your own podcast show.

Decide What You Want to Talk About

What type of show do you want to host and how often do you want to host it? If you’re trying to do something daily or weekly, then you’re going to need a lot of content to go over. So it would be wise to go for topics you’re very familiar with or that has a lot of buzz.

Make sure you choose a topic that will remain relevant for a long time. This way, your podcast doesn’t become a bore. Pay attention to your target listener – what do they want to hear? As long as you can produce content your listeners want to hear, then you’ll continue to be in business.

Get the Much-Needed Equipment

No one wants to listen to a podcast that’s being broadcast using mediocre equipment. Your voice may sound muffled or far away, which would be rather annoying. You can overcome these problems by going with quality equipment from the jump.

For instance, you’ll need a quality microphone, preferably a dynamic mic. Some of the other options include a USB or analog microphone. The great thing about dynamic mics is that it doesn’t pick up on faraway noises.

This means less editing for you to do after each podcast. You can also purchase an audio interface, which is optional. This can be used to allow your analog mics to connect to your computer.

A quality computer is definitely a must. You don’t want to risk shutting down in the middle of a podcast because it couldn’t handle it. You can use either a Windows or Mac computer.

Then finally, you’re going to need an audio editing software, such as a DAW (digital audio workstation). Some of the options out there include Reason, Pro Tools and Ableton.

Plan Out Your Content

It’s a good idea to have a content calendar with pre-planned topics to discuss. Now, you want to ensure you’re also adding in trending topics, so that your channel is up-to-date and fresh. So make sure to allow time to discuss topics that pop up in the news or social media.

Name Your Podcast

The name you select for your podcast should be easy to remember and catchy. You want it to appeal to those who’ve never listened to your show before, so avoid using your own name alone. Be descriptive in the title regarding the topic or niche of the podcast (music, mountain climbing, movies, etc).

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Heavy Metal Musicians

Heavy metal is a great adored and loved genre of today. Who doesn’t like a bit of heavy metal? This style of music is unique in a host of ways and even though it has been around since the 70’s or 80’s it’s still very much loved in this modern world. You cannot blame listeners for loving this style as it offers crisps sounds without making too much of a fuss! People have constantly been inspired by the heavy metal musicians and they really have been pioneers of their times. Why not read on to find just a few of the top class names of heavy metal.

Ozzy Osborne

Heavy metal lovers will know the name Ozzy Osborne. This is one of the greats within the heavy metal genre and this musician truly stood out from the crowd. Osborne’s group, Black Sabbath played many amazing concerns and really left their stamp on the music world. Famed for the biting the head off a bat moment, Ozzy Osborne has really taken the music world by storm. His music and his group’s music have really showcased the best of talent and has created a vast array of followers also.

Guns ‘N’ Roses

Everyone surely knows ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ and this was one of the famed Guns ‘N’ Roses hits. Guns ‘N’ Roses was truly one of the biggest heavy metals bands of all time and these musicians truly broke the limits when it came to performing. For many years, Guns ‘N’ Roses created hit after hit and this heavy metal group really showcased what heavy metal was all about. You got a sense this was the new-age of music and while they are one of the first heavy metal groups, modern groups have been inspired by their songs. It’s not easy to leave your mark on the world but this group has done just that and that’s why they are so greatly loved and appreciated also. read more from


singerFamed for their trademark style and makeup Kiss is one of the biggest heavy metal musicians of all times. Even today, Kiss are still very much copied in terms of their style on stage. You don’t often see a heavy metal band that left their mark on the world but Kiss did. People take inspiration from their style as well as their songs and they’re so fantastic. Music fans who weren’t necessarily around when Kiss first appeared have found this group to be very unique in every sense of the word. That isn’t such a bad thing though and it’s got people thinking about how they can take their music to the next level and become an off-of-a-kind band. Learn more here!

A Generation like No Other

Most people honestly don’t think heavy metal is for them but once they’ve tried it, they love it. The truth is that not all heavy metal music is about shouting and screaming the lyrics so much so you can’t understand a word of what’s being sung! Heavy metal is a great genre and one that’s still very much appreciated in many circles. The above artists are just a few of the biggest names in the industry and who have inspired generations also.

music guitar

Music Genre’s For Today

Music plays a major part in our lives. When you hear a song you can instantly want to sing along and dance to the beat but is today’s music still the same as before? Well, in a sense, music has changed and while you might not think it’s changed an awful lot, think again. Music isn’t what it used to be and the magic of the 80’s faded away and was replaced by a generation of music that was very much unheard of. Today, music genres are fantastic despite what you might think and you should give them a chance because you will surely find something you enjoy.

Rock and Heavy Metal

Who doesn’t like a bit of heavy metal or rock? There are some groups that really take a song and turn it into something so special and adored! You wouldn’t think heavy metal or rock groups would still have a say in today’s music scene but it very much does. The influences from rock and heavy metal is still there to be seen and it really is such a wonderful and inspirational genre. Most people wouldn’t say heavy metal is the genre for them and yet it’s vastly popular in today’s music scene!

Pop and Classical

Classical music has remains a popular genre even for today’s continually tough market. You wouldn’t think classic music would be as popular as say pop but it is. Pop too has its own followers and these two really are becoming bigger and bigger. You wouldn’t think after the boom of the 90’s pop scene it would still be as big as it once was but its far bigger! It’s surprising to say the least and you are sometimes seeing the collaboration of pop and classical music which is unique. It’s great to see the ever changing genres.

Musicals Are More Popular Than Ever

It’s hard to know how to put musicals and songs from musicals into a specific genre because they’re unique in their own way. However, musicals are technically within their own genre and it can be very much popular. Theater shows are becoming vastly popular with big shows such as Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, We Will Rock You, The Lion King, Wicked and many more hitting the bit screens. Everyone loves them and their songs are so unique and that is why musicals are a totally different genre than many others. However you do find some catchy tunes that stick with you!

Why Today’s Music Is Different from The 60’s

music guitarIt doesn’t matter if you were around for the 1960’s or otherwise, everyone knows about the swinging 60’s and the endless bands and artists that defined a generation. You had the Beatles, Diana Ross and the Supreme, to name a few and they really sparked the love of music. At the time, those groups were unheard of but brought about a new passion for music that wasn’t seen before. Since then, music has only ever gotten better and better and while the 60’s was a major talking point, today’s music is so different. You no longer see bands such as the Beatles or Diana Ross because they were very unique and today’s groups and singers are great but in their own rights. The music genres of today are so different than the 40’s, 50’s 60’ and even the 70’s but it’s not always a bad thing. read the news from

Music for Everyone

Music has changed within the last few years and it will continue again within the next few years. There are some who never thought they’d love rock music but have fallen in love with modern rock; and with new collaborations and styles being introduced, music has never been more popular. However, music does have its good points and for many it can be an inspirational point for their work. Music genres for today are unique in every sense and so exciting!

Music in the News

Who doesn’t like to hear about music? For most people, they absolutely enjoy listening to some music and it’s very popular too. You cannot blame music lovers for embracing new style songs and genres as it offers something very new and exciting. Being able to listen to music and enjoy it’s delicate balance can be amazing but it does seem as though music is always in the news. Why is that?

The Ever Changing Face of Music

Music has come a long way within the last few years and for that reason, it has caused music to be very much in the spotlight. You are constantly hearing music in the news, whether it’s on radio, television or indeed the internet and you cannot blame the industry. There is an ever changing face of music and when there is a bit lull or excitement for one group, artist or genre in particular, everyone wants to report and hear about it. This is why music is popular and why it has constantly be the one thing in our lives that has stuck around. There is no danger of music dying out because of its popularity and it can open your eyes to new and exciting things.

Is Being In The News A Bad Thing?

Everyone seems to think being mentioned in the news is a good thing and that it’s even more publicity for the artist which has to be a good thing. Unfortunately sometimes being in the news constantly isn’t good for artists. Yes, you want your face to be out there but really you want the positive news attached. So, does that mean music being in the news is a bad thing? Well, no, not really as long as it showcases the positive side of music, no matter the artist or genre. You too can love music and reading or hearing about it constantly can help keep music alive and kicking. visit this link now!

There’s always an Excuse to Read about Music

To be honest, today’s music gives people something to read about. There is always something new to read in the news about music whether it’s about an up and coming artist or because of a chart-topping single. For the most part, it’s all good and it really allows music fans the ability to enjoy learning a little more about music. However, there are also many stories in the news that aren’t so positive about music, in particular it’s stars and artist! Those are also popular stories because people love to hear gossip about their favourite singer or artist and for that reason, music will always be in the news like on that from

Love Music Forever

Music has been around forever it seems and it’s always in the news it seems and it helps to ensure music doesn’t die out. That is one of the reasons why music has been so greatly loved because it’s always reported about and you cannot help but fall in love with music. It doesn’t matter if you love metal, rock and roll or some classical opera, it always draws you in. Music is a special thing and will continue to play a major part in our lives.

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